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'They need Netflix more than they realize': Harry and Meghan can't afford to end their contract

'They need Netflix more than they realize': Harry and Meghan can't afford to end their contract

Harry and Meghan have an expensive lifestyle. They can't terminate their contract with Netflix, says a British PR expert.

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Harry and Meghan live a luxurious life. Her lucrative contract with Netflix expires next year. The streaming giant could terminate the deal. “They need Netflix more than they realize,” says one PR expert.

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  • Harry and Meghan recently traveled to Jamaica to attend the premiere of the Bob Marley biopic.
  • At the cinema event, Harry and Meghan presented themselves looking elegant as always. The Sussexes love to dress well and live a luxurious life in the spotlight.
  • Harry and Meghan's deal with Netflix expires next year. It is possible that the streaming giant did not renew the contract. It would be a severe financial blow to the exiled royals after Spotify had already terminated the contract early.

Prince Harry and Meghan traveled to Jamaica this week specifically to attend the premiere of the movie “Bob Marley – One Love.”

There they stood elegantly as always on the red carpet for the press.

Harry and Meghan are living a luxurious life in exile in California, which they must finance from their own pockets after they retire as members of the royal family.

Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, get money for their extravagant lifestyle from their lucrative deal with Netflix, among other things. In 2020, the streaming provider signed a five-year contract worth €95 million.

The contract expires in 2025

Harry and Meghan's production company produced the documentary series “Invictus Games” and the reality show “Harry and Meghan” for Netflix.

She is also responsible for the “Live to Lead” series. In it, leaders from around the world who want to make a difference share their inspiring life stories.

Not all projects of the Sussexes series were successful. Harry's passion project 'Invictus Games' flopped in Netflix ratings.

It is still unclear whether Netflix will extend the contract with them in 2025.

English public relations expert Ryan McCormick told the British newspaper “Mirror”: “The Prince and Duchess of Sussex need Netflix a lot more than they probably realize because the streaming platform has a huge audience. Even people who aren't royals will have no problem finding them easily and are likely to become fans.”

Do everything you can to extend the deal

The Netflix deal is very important to Harry and Meghan, and not just because of the money, says a PR expert.

Netflix helps the royals stay in the conversation and visible.

Finally, PR expert Ryan McCormick has advice for Harry and Meghan: “I highly recommend that they do everything they can to win the hearts and minds of Netflix executives, because if they don't, it's going to be one 'PR disaster for them.'”

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