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These are the four new Instagram story stickers

These are the four new Instagram story stickers

With the four new Story Stickers, Instagram creators have the opportunity to use Polaroid frames for photos, encourage music integration, enhance visuals and hide Stories until the direct message is engaged.

Whether you want to connect with your friends, appear mysterious, or liven up your photos with a new look: new Instagram story stickers give you the chance. Some of these sticker options have been in testing for some time and are now being rolled out to all creators.

New story stickers at a glance: More scope for visuals

between the New additions to the story sticker collection On the one hand there is the option of cutouts. Clips relate to image elements that are cut out from photos or videos. Users can simply cut out people or objects using the scissors icon and insert them into the story. The cutters are saved and can then be used over and over again. We wrote about this feature a few weeks ago.

Cut stickers on Instagram, © Instagram

Framing Poster places pictures in frames like those found in Polaroid cameras. Instagram introduced this functionality in the USA to coincide with the Coachella festival. This makes image content look like printed thumbnails and gives them a special look that can stand out. A possible caption for an image frame provides a timestamp. If you want to see the photos, you have to shake your smartphone according to the slogan: “Shake it like a Polaroid” (even if it is not practically necessary with these photos).

Instagram Frame Stickers, © Instagram, Smartphone Mockups with Purple and Orange Gradient Stickers
Frame stickers on Instagram, © Instagram

Instagram offers a Polaroid photo feature

© Instagram via Canva, Smartphone mockups with Polaroid frames in Stories for photos
© Instagram via Canva

Mask the story with Reveal and add your story within the context of the music

Brand new reveal sticker. This gives creators the option to hide the story by default and only a direct message allows users to see it – leading to more engagement. Creators should leave a note to viewers about the initially lackluster story. With the preview, you can check the list view in advance. Any direct message following expose stories must be accepted by the content creator.

Uncover stickers on Instagram, © Instagram, smartphone mockups with purple and orange gradient stickers
Reveal stickers on Instagram, © Instagram

Finally, the new Add Yours Music sticker allows you to share a feel-good song or a trending song while followers can select their own matching track.

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Creators can choose from Instagram's music library. As with the popular “It's Your Turn!” poster, users who view the story can respond with their own ideas, music suggestions, and the like.

Add your own music stickers on Instagram, © Instagram, Smartphone Mockups with Gradient Stickers, Purple-Orange
Add your own music sticker on Instagram (click on image for larger view), © Instagram

The new stickers are already available to many users, and for everyone else, they should appear in the stickers overview as soon as possible. The launch of these sticker options is beneficial for content creators, shortly after announcing that Instagram wants to promote young creators and original content more through recommendations in the future.


The algorithm update rewards small creators and original content

© Luke Chesser - Unsplash, Instagram inclusion
© Luke Chesser – Unsplash