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This trip with Harry causes problems in the palace

This trip with Harry causes problems in the palace

Prince Harry will travel to London without Meghan Markle. However, she will accompany him on a trip to Africa.

King Charles will not be happy to hear about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's travel schedule. – Getty Images

The basics in a nutshell

  • Prince Harry is scheduled to travel to London in May.
  • Meghan Markle and her two children will not be there.
  • But it is possible that Meghan and Harry will travel to Africa together.

She will not travel to England, but she will travel to Africa!

The British Royal Family is known to always be in the spotlight during their official visits to the country. But Prince Harry (39 years old) and Meghan Markle (42 years old) distanced themselves from this tradition.

As former senior members of the royal family, they no longer carry out official duties on behalf of the Crown. Your travels are therefore private affairs. But this does not prevent the public from closely following their every move.

Especially when Harry visits his native Great Britain, he is watched like a hawk. But before his next visit in May, it was not himself, but Meghan, who was making headlines.

Meghan Markle on her way to Nigeria?

It was recently announced that the couple has received an invitation to visit Nigeria. They were invited by the country's highest military official, according to the American newspaper People.

Prince Harry has lived in the United States of America for four years. – Doukas

The reason for this is that Nigeria is seeking to host the Invictus Games in the future. Harry and Meghan's visit aims to “reinforce Nigeria's strong position in the race to host the event.”

Nigeria participated in the Dusseldorf matches for the first time last year. Just like Colombia and Israel.

Meghan Markle accompanies Harry – but not everywhere

It is not surprising that Meghan Markle accompanied Harry on this trip. She revealed on her podcast titled “Archetypes” in 2022 that she is 43 percent of Nigerian descent.

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It supported Nigeria in the Invictus Games. But her participation in the trip may displease the palace. Because while it looks like Meghan will be on a trip to Nigeria, she won't be accompanying Prince Harry on his date in London.

Prince Harry alone in London?

To mark the anniversary, a solemn mass will be held on May 8 at St George's Church in London. Prince Harry will be there.

It looks like Meghan Markle is done with London. – Corner stone

If Meghan comes, there will be no meeting between her and King Charles III, who is suffering from cancer. (75) or Princess Kate (42).

The fact that Meghan is apparently willing to travel to Nigeria could anger the palace. Journalist Chris Ship recently confirmed this on X.

“It has been confirmed that Meghan will not accompany Harry to the Invictus Memorial Day event in London. The Duchess of Sussex will accompany the Duke on a visit to Nigeria to attend the Invictus Games.