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Makeup for the armpits Anna Ermakova?  That wasn't on TV!

Makeup for the armpits Anna Ermakova? That wasn't on TV!

Behind the scenes of the “Super Talents” program

They didn't see that in the show!

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Exclusive Insights:

Makeup for the armpits Anna Ermakova?

Written by Lara Schuller and Sebastian Wolny

Excuse me, what happened here?

We were backstage during the taping of “Das Supertalent” and watched jurors Dieter Bohlen, Anna Ermakov, Bruce Darnell and Ekaterina Leonova even when the other cameras weren't pointed at them. This is exactly where the most exciting things happen, as we all know. In the exclusive behind-the-scenes video we see why the makeup artist suddenly had to lend a hand to Anna's armpits and which fruit Dieter prefers during breaks. is now available on Whatsapp – try it here!

Supertalent 2024: What an amazing start!

From the shy singer Alexander Dogmani to the dancer Yvonne Hauge, everyone was present at the premiere of “Das Supertalent”, and the jury got along very well. So Dieter Bohlin sits on Bruce's lap during breaks or eats his favorite fruit. Anna, on the other hand, has problems with her clothes. We can see what these are in the video above

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