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Mike Moehring vacates his place on the CDU Federal Executive Council

Mike Moehring vacates his place on the CDU Federal Executive Council

The former head of the CDU in Thuringia, Mike Moehring, will not run for the party's federal executive board. The reason for this is the lack of support from his regional federation. The CDU thus escaped a scandal at the party congress that begins on Monday. The party wants to adopt a new basic program there for the first time in 17 years.

the Former Chairman of the CDU in Thuringia, Mike Moehring, has withdrawn his candidacy for membership in the Federal Executive Committee of the CDU. In an interview with Stern, Mooring cited his regional federation's lack of nomination as a reason for his withdrawal. It was unanimously proposed by CDU state leader Mario Voigt. The Christian Democratic Union in Thuringia had already asked Möring several times to withdraw.

The background is a scandal surrounding the bills for Moehring's 50th birthday celebration, which were initially paid from the district association's account. Moehring has been a member of the CDU's Federal Executive Board since 2010, with one interruption.

The party conference begins on Monday

There will therefore be no scandal at the CDU's three-day federal party conference in Berlin, which starts on Monday. Under the slogan “Winning the future together”, the party wants to begin its return to government responsibility. Party leader Friedrich Merz sees the Christian Democrats returning to the ring after their defeat in the 2021 federal elections. “We are back, and the word conservative can also be found in our program again. Yes, we are also a conservative party, and no one has any objection to saying that anymore.” Clearly and distinctly from now on.”

Claim of conservatives in the CDU program

The CDU's new basic programme, which the party has been discussing for two and a half years, must also represent the conservatives' claim. It is about freedom, security, performance and guiding culture. According to CDU Secretary General Carsten Linnemann, the new program aims to provide a model for Germany. The CDU wants to give people “support, guidance and confidence” again. “With the Christian view of humanity, we have a great compass,” the Secretary-General said.

In addition to immigration policy, the draft program focuses on the concept of “leading culture”. According to Policy Committee Chair Serap Guler, this must also include awareness of homeland and belonging as well as recognition of Israel's right to exist.

The draft program reviews several key decisions made by former Chancellor and long-time CDU leader Angela Merkel, such as exiting nuclear energy and the welcoming culture in asylum policy. In migration policy, the concept of safe third countries is represented, according to which every asylum seeker in Europe must be transferred to a safe third country and undergo the asylum procedure there. The party conference will also discuss the reintroduction of compulsory military service and the demand for a year of compulsory service.

Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer was initially satisfied. The new basic program of the CDU is fully consistent with the opinion of the conservatives in the Free State of Saxony.

Discussion about cooperation with the left and the greens

The question of how close the CDU is to the left and the Green Party has sparked heated discussions in advance. The Prime Minister of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Gunther, had called for more openness to cooperation with the Left Party. The CDU politician also recommended forming a coalition with the Green Party at the federal level after the next federal elections. In turn, CDU deputy leader Karin Prien believed that cooperation with the Sahra-Wagenknecht (BSW) alliance was possible after the state elections in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg in September.

CDU Secretary General Carsten Linnemann refuses to cooperate with the Left Party, citing the corresponding incompatibility decision. But he did not rule out talks with the Greens. Linnemann did not want to take a position on the newly emerging left-wing company BSW. He first wanted to see a full program from this party and not just an appearance on the talk shows of its namesake, Sahra Wagenknecht.

The CDU-Saxon member of the Bundestag, Carsten Körber, also rejected ideas about possible alliances with the Left Party. MDR told AKTUELL that no one among the 26 East German CDU MPs in the union's parliamentary group was seriously considering the matter. Representatives of the left, for example, denigrated NATO as a warlike alliance and rejected everything military. This is a completely different point of view from the Union's point of view. Korber stressed that there are no overlaps in sustainable government work.

Election of the Board of Directors of the Christian Democratic Union Party

Linnemann, who is particularly responsible for the CDU's new platform, was already considered eligible for re-election to the CDU's executive council. A good result is also expected for the re-election of CDU leader Merz, who was elected party leader two years ago with a vote of about 95 percent. The 1,001 delegates will vote on the board and presidency on Monday. Discussion and decision on the basic program are scheduled for Tuesday.

MDR/KNA/AFP/dpa (dni, kar, mbe)

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