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Your sign: January's full moon is to blame – a streak of bad luck for two zodiac signs

Your sign: January's full moon is to blame – a streak of bad luck for two zodiac signs

Oh man – everything has to be better in the new year. It is no coincidence that many people make good resolutions at the beginning of the year to improve their lives. Get more exercise, eat healthier, and spend more time with friends. It sounds great – the last thing you need is a streak of bad luck.

But according to the horoscope, that's exactly what two very specific zodiac signs could face. Because something is happening in the sky: The first full moon of the new year is approaching on January 25, 2024 — with dire consequences for the two signs of the zodiac.

Horoscope: The full moon shows its influence

For example, Aries To clearly feel the power of the moon. The year has already started to be stressful enough for them – they feel exhausted and barely have enough strength to deal with the challenges of daily life. So the following applies: Take good care of yourself!

Aries people should not expect much from themselves, but rather carry out their daily tasks step by step and calmly. Nobody needs avoidable mistakes due to poor attention – otherwise there is a real risk of an unpleasant streak of bad luck in your work and private life. But if you pay attention, you can avoid it!

And one more thing: If things aren't going well for those born under the sign of Aries in January, don't worry. This will be settled again in the coming weeks.

Caution and consideration rather than arrogance

Also with zodiac sign Protect The full moon shakes things up a lot. Your emotions may run away with you and cause you to make impulsive and reckless decisions. But be careful – if you act hastily, you will often unwittingly accept unpleasant consequences that you will end up deeply regretting. So why create a streak of bad luck that makes your life unnecessarily difficult?

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The same applies to Sagittarians: stay calm. Don't judge others too quickly. It is better to think about decisions again before rushing into something without thinking.

If you stick with this, you should survive the first full moon phase well in January 2024.