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Four Hobbits and a Dwarf: An Encounter in “The Lord of the Rings” Creates Nostalgia

Four Hobbits and a Dwarf: An Encounter in “The Lord of the Rings” Creates Nostalgia


Updated May 5, 2024 at 2:08 p.m

More than half of the Lord of the Rings companions gathered for a fun-filled reunion. Can one dwarf keep up with four hobbits?

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Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since a diverse group of heroes set out for Mordor in the first part of The Lord of the Rings. The four Hobbit actors Elijah Wood (43, Frodo), Sean Astin (53, Sam), Billy Boyd (55, Pippin) and Dominic Monaghan (47, Merry) have remained buddies ever since – frequently posting photos of the evening on Social media together, mostly with beer. In the final “Lord of the Rings” encounter, a certain dwarf joins the cast.

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It all started three days ago on Monaghan's official Instagram account with a throwback photo: him standing with Wood, Boyd and Legolas actor Orlando Bloom (47 years old) in the snapshot, which was clearly taken many years ago. It was announced that they will meet again at Comic Con in Liverpool this weekend.

The five friends

The photo guide has also now been uploaded and is appropriately titled 'Three Hobbits and an Elf'. The four of them smile at the camera together, each holding a drink in hand, and the empty glasses on the table indicate that they were having a good time.

In the comments section, Ms. Irwin herself celebrated the nostalgic encounter: “Oh, this is really too much,” actress Liv Tyler, 46, wrote.

It has not been documented whether the friendly moment was recorded by Sean Astin. However, he himself is missing from the photo, but he appears in another series of photos that Monaghan also published shortly afterwards. In the first photo, the five are seen on the street, and the second photo appears to have been taken in another restaurant and shows them sitting at a round table.

How is it convenient: As is known, hobbits like to eat extra meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner. (piece/spot)
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