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Lecture on atrial fibrillation – Lar

Lecture on atrial fibrillation – Lar

Mediclin Heart Center Lar invites you to attend a lecture on Wednesday, May 8 from 6 pm to 7 pm on the topic “Modern therapeutic methods for atrial fibrillation”. Cai Sun, MD, chief physician of the Electrophysiology Department of the Heart Center's Internal Medicine and Cardiology Clinic, explains the treatment options. In addition, those interested can learn how people with arrhythmia can reduce their risk of developing secondary diseases. “Today we can treat arrhythmia particularly gently thanks to modern treatments, such as cardiac catheterization or the latest technologies and medications,” explains Sun. The lecture is aimed at people who want to deepen their knowledge of arrhythmia. Previous medical knowledge is not necessary. Questions can then be asked. Participation is free but requires prior registration at 07821/9252030.

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