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“First Dates Hotel” in Mallorca: This is how Vox tricks your TV

“First Dates Hotel” in Mallorca: This is how Vox tricks your TV

“First Dates Hotel” is an absolute success in the reviews. After all, just by watching the dating show featuring singles host Roland Trittle and receptionist Aline, you'll feel like you're on vacation yourself.

The hotel you will fall in love with is located in Mallorca, not far from the island's capital, Palma. But anyone who wants to check in privately at “Posada D'es Molí” will be in for a surprise – because not everything here looks like it does on TV…

“First Date Hotel” is completely different away from the cameras

As one of the hotel employees revealed to our editorial team, there are certain tools that the production itself brings to the shoot. For example, while in the show some single candidates meet for the first time at a pool bar, the counter cannot be found there during normal hotel operations. “Management staff is preparing this,” the employee revealed. The two little birds at the bottom of the pool are also for photo ops.

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Then there is also the “Golden Pavilion” – just the guests who come here that Roland Trettl feels very good about and sees the potential for more in the future. The lovebirds can then have a great time in the whirlpool and get to know each other better. But away from television filming, things here seem different, as the employee explained: “We don’t even have a jacuzzi in the garden.”

The “First Dates Hotel” is in the middle of a renovation

However, that will change soon. First Dates Hotel is currently closed for renovations. After a planned opening in March 2025, there will already be a permanent hot tub on the pavilion's balcony. This saves the production a lot of setup. And that wasn't all.

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As the employee revealed, there will also be several visual changes. In the future, we will focus more on Mallorcan living with lots of wood and white walls. This will be especially noticeable in guest rooms.

The name will also be different: after reopening, the hotel will be called “Son Moli Country House & Garden.” Fans of the show can definitely look forward to the remake.