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Queen is 95 - Elizabeth II finds comfort thanks to family, God and Corges - news

Queen is 95 – Elizabeth II finds comfort thanks to family, God and Corges – news


Prince Philip died less than two weeks ago. Therefore, her 95th birthday will be calm in return.

The Queen’s actual birthday is Wednesday, April 21. Usually, however, the official ceremony is not held until June of each year. Because the unpredictable British weather is a little more stable this time of year so they can perform their birthday parade called “Trooping the Color”. But in 2021, Elizabeth II has nothing to celebrate in April or June.

It was clear to see how close Prince Philip had died to her.

The military parade falls victim to the Corona pandemic. The Queen is also likely to silently celebrate her 95th anniversary on Wednesday. The funeral of her husband, Prince Philip, took place just four days ago. He passed away on April 9 at the age of 99.

“At the funeral it was clear to see how close it was to the death of Prince Philip and the unfortunate events of the past few months.” Andreas C. Englert, royal expert and deputy editor-in-chief of Frau im Spiegel, says in an interview with Faces and Stories, She definitely won’t just put it away.

Because the death of her husband, with whom she has been married for seven decades, not only bother her. Also was the excitement about her grandson Prince Harry: He turned his back on the royal court last year and immigrated to the United States with his wife, Duchess Meghan.

The Queen is in no danger of falling into dark thoughts.

However: You don’t need to worry about a very old guardian. Given her old age, she is considered medically fit. Engelt is convinced that she should not fall into mental depression too quickly: “She has a large family and continues to do her duties as a queen. If she does not want to withdraw consciously, there is no danger of falling into dark thoughts because she feels lonely or bored.”

But the thing is also clear: Prince Philip will leave a huge void in the Queen’s life. The two were a well-trained two-person team. The Queen praised her husband publicly, “He has always been my source of strength and support.” No one can replace this role.

But those around her will give her the strength to exercise her position as queen until the end of her life: “The family is very close to the Queen. For example, in the last few days, she met often for a walk with her son’s ex-wife Fergie. In addition, the Queen has an environment – for example with the staff – She takes care of her personal things or her horses. She trusts you. And they are good at dealing with the queen. “

God will help her and her dogs

In search of solace, her gaze should also turn up. The Queen is a very religious woman. She once described her faith during a Christmas speech as “the anchor in my life.”

But more regular things are likely to comfort her due to the loss of Prince Philip: The king – perhaps already anticipated – recently bought two new dogs, British media unanimously reported.


The Queen and Corgis have – an affair since her 18th birthday when she was first granted.

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Palace insiders are sure Fergus and Moik will help the Queen better bear the loss of her husband. Short legged puppies are said to be corgi dogs, which the Queen has been particularly fond of for years.

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