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Schlager singer interrupts the concert in tears

Schlager singer interrupts the concert in tears

Beatrice Egli had an emotional moment on stage. Photo: IMAGO Photos/mix1


Imke Gerets

Beatrice Egli recently reached the top of the charts with her album “Balance”. To do this, I dared to make a completely new beginning.

“I had to give up a lot of familiar things,” she said on the Giovanni Zarrella Show. “Familiar” also means security, the people and the zodiac signs that have given me so much success, and I owe them a lot.” However, little is known about her private life and she speaks about it as little as possible.

In an interview with last year, she said: “Because my private life is my absolute safe space: the place I want to protect at all costs and like a mother lion.” She also noted: “For me, this is the castle in which I can be my own Beatrice. In which I am loved, for all that I am or am not.” At one of her final concerts, she suddenly became very emotional, yet gave a surprisingly personal insight into her life.

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Beatrice Egli has to take breaks during her performances

Beatrice Egli is currently on the “Total Risks Tour 2024”. As part of this, she appeared at the Berlin Tempodrome on 22 April. “Like a portal”“It has now been reported that Egli had an emotional moment on stage that even brought tears to her eyes.

The reason for this was the announcement of her song “Matterhorn”. In this context, Beatrice said that she wrote this song for her beloved grandparents who have since passed away.

According to the portal, she stated on stage that she learned from Grandma Margaret and Grandpa Fritz what is the feeling of unconditional love that strengthens you in everything. She would love to show the song to her grandparents. Meanwhile, Beatrice is said to have cried.

The pain runs deep for Beatrice Egli

Despite her feelings, she shared her grandmother's advice with her fans: “You only regret what you didn't do. What you do with your heart is always right.” With that in mind, I also decided to climb the Matterhorn. When she performed the song, she reportedly took several breaks and her emotions would overwhelm her again and again.

When the artist performed Florian Silbereisen's “Schlagerstrandparty” in 2022, she also burst into tears. “Time on this planet is very short,” she noted, adding: “Eight weeks ago I lost my grandparents. They told me: Always do what you love and only regret what you don’t do.”