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Upgrade using 20 GPUs and 20 CPUs in testing [Update 3]

Upgrade using 20 GPUs and 20 CPUs in testing [Update 3]

Update #3 from April 26: On page 2 of the Manor Lords benchmark test, you will now find a total of 20 graphics cards from 2016 to 2024, which we have included in the test four Test resolution: Full HD, WQHD, Ultrawide QHD, Ultra HD. As of tonight, all data is based on current graphics card drivers modified for Manor Lords. We have now also tested 20 processors with 4 to 20 threads. We hope you enjoy the results! However, if you want to learn more about Manor Lords, read and watch everything from our colleagues at PC Games: Manor Lords: Does it live up to the hype? Great test for early access.

The Manor Lords have not appeared yet and may not have left you without a trace. The anticipation for a medieval city builder with a warlike touch is enormous. The strategy game has captured the hearts of gamers for quite some time and is tenaciously defending Dominate the global Steam wishlist. There is no doubt that Manor Lords is a mass phenomenon. We have now created a large number of benchmarks for graphics cards and processors for you.

The technology behind Manor Lords

Ironically, the historically credible, artistically skilled, value-added strategy built on Unreal Engine 4 was largely created by a single developer: Greg Styczeń, who also represents the Slavic Magic studio. On X – known as Twitter – Dev has been sharing insights into his daily work for some time nowAnyone interested can get up close and personal there. The look and feel is definitely on the authentic side, and that doesn't just mean the realistic look of the game. The Manor Lords feels realistic, inspiring, and ambitiously creative – not typical characteristics of large-scale mainstream productions. This is perhaps not the least reason why so many hopes are pinned on the constructive-defensive development strategy. The game will be released in early access form, although it is still largely incomplete, but because Manor Lords is also the first game from developer Greg Styczeń/Slavic Magic and the developer wants to get extensive feedback from the community. In advance before the game is officially released in its final form. Does it seem too obvious, valid and reasonable to be true? It is certainly not the behavior of a developer driven by the pursuit of maximum profit, but perhaps more of an artist and love for his artwork. And the developer is trapped on top of that Almost something zen-like. But to some extent it also fits into a successful development strategy and constructive ethics.

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