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Prince Harry: This may be his downfall now

Prince Harry: This may be his downfall now

Prince Harry left the British royal family in 2020. Since then, he has been living in sunny California with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their two children.

The royal recently announced his officially registered residence, which will henceforth be called “America.” But this change has a weak point.

Prince Harry: Missing document causes confusion

Prince Harry has officially announced that he has changed his primary residence. This title was firmly established in Great Britain, but since last year the title has officially become America. But there's a problem: A significant change doesn't automatically bring with it US citizenship.

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Experts who spoke to the British Mirror are sure that Prince Harry “does not have a green card” – but he needs one to be considered an official US citizen. The king's documents only refer to “permanent residence,” which does not necessarily mean that he possesses this important residence right document.

Prince Harry: A clear insult to King Charles?

The prince's decision to move his “usual residence” to the United States came after leaving his royal duties. This prompted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to move their home from Windsor, England, to Montecito, California.

But even three years after they left the UK and moved to the US, the fronts between the royals appear to have hardened. In 2023, the Sussexes are unexpectedly evicted from Frogmore House after King Charles asks them to vacate the house. Now, Harry has moved his primary residence to the US, retroactive to the time he officially left the cottage last June. Does this indicate criticism of his father, or did the date fall on this day by pure coincidence?

The truth is that Prince Harry is moving away from his British roots a little by moving to the United States as his main residence. However, Charlotte Slocombe, partner at global immigration law firm, explains to The Mirror:

“The phrase 'permanent resident' is avoided. There is no indication of what visa Prince Harry holds. The absence of the term 'permanent resident' seems to indicate that he does not have a green card.” However, this will be the first step towards naturalization and obtaining citizenship.