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Widowed and bent over, but not broken - today the Queen is 95 years old

Widowed and bent over, but not broken – today the Queen is 95 years old

Coronavirus, family squabbles and the death of her husband Philip after more than 70 years of marriage – on her 95th birthday, the Queen faces great challenges. But Elizabeth II has survived many ups and downs in the past few decades.

British Queen Elizabeth II allowed herself only four days of rest after Her husband Philip diesBefore returning to her duties. But her 95th birthday today, Wednesday, April 21st will be very different from what was planned. Instead of throwing a big party, you’ll likely spend it in silence.

For the first time since their wedding in 1947, she is celebrating her special day without Prince Philip by her side, who passed away on April 9. She looked young and curved yet was very generous at the funeral ceremony. Some liked to hug her.

But the British know their queen will not give up. “My whole life, be it short or long,” which the heiress to the throne had promised on her twenty-first birthday, wanted to devote herself to her subjects. Meanwhile, it has led the country and the monarchy for nearly 70 years with incomparable steadfastness through its ups and downs.

The Queen remained faithful to herself despite all the turmoil

When she became Queen in 1952, Elizabeth was at the head of an empire of more than 70 colonies – and very little is left now. It captured the scepter in the Cold War, which would have lasted for decades and had a long history again. She sat on the throne when her country became part of the European Union – and when it left Great Britain again. The Queen remained faithful to herself despite all the turmoil.

In her private life, too, the Queen was not immune to the blows of fate. The year 1992, which she herself referred to as “Annus horribilis” (the year of terror), will be mentioned first of all. Three of their four children divorced and their childhood home, Windsor Castle, is set on fire. Another point is the death of her daughter-in-law Princess Diana In the summer of 1997.

But whatever happened, the Queen has always maintained a “hard upper lip” – a solid upper lip, as they say in Great Britain. This means something like “gnawing at your teeth”, showing persistence.

In the darkest hour of the pandemic, when the number of infections and deaths appeared to be constantly rising last year and Prime Minister Boris Johnson was out with Covid 19, she encouraged her people: “There will be better days again, we will be with you, united with our friends, we will unite with our families.” Other “.

“An anchor in my life”

In search of solace, she must look up – the Queen is a very religious woman. She once described her faith during a Christmas speech as “the anchor in my life.”

And the downsides: The King recently bought – perhaps already anticipated – two new dogs, as unanimously reported by British media. Palace insiders are sure Fergus and Moik will help the Queen with this Losing her husband Better to bear. Short legged puppies are said to be corgi, and the Queen is especially fond of the Welsh Shepherd Dog breed.

Dogs and horses have been with the Queen since she was a child. Unlike people, members of the royal family always accept to show their feelings towards animals.

In addition to ending the pandemic, the Queen is now more likely to own one thing above all else The end of the conflict Between Prince Harry, whose wife, Duchess Meghan, and the rest of the royal family desires. This dispute had shaken the royal family from its foundations in the past few weeks.

The focus is on Harry and Meghan’s claims of insensitivity and even racist remarks within the family. Megan has African American roots in part. The main reason behind the explosives was that the two got all of this out in public during an exciting interview with US talk show legend Oprah Winfrey. Allegations of racism were close to members of the royal family. Prince William in particular was furious.

TV cameras picked up how on Saturday Harry and his brother William After the memorial service, they walked side by side across the courtyard and spoke. It would definitely be the Queen’s greatest birthday gift if the two could reconcile.