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Kate Middleton is worried about her son Louis: “We are worried”

Kate Middleton is worried about her son Louis: “We are worried”

Kate Middleton, always known for her family ties, has been particularly strong since she faced a shocking cancer diagnosis a few weeks ago. During this difficult time, she finds a lot of support from her husband, Prince William, and their three children.

But while the Princess of Wales fights her own battle against the disease, she now also has to worry about the youngest member of her family.

Kate Middleton: Her son imitates Prince Harry

As the saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, at least when it comes to attention and affection. But it seems that the youngest prince in the royal family follows his uncle when it comes to hobbies. Prince Louis, William and Kate's son, has apparently contracted rugby, a sport that Prince Harry also plays.

The royal family's youngest son, Prince Louis, is known not only for his cheerful nature and jovial antics at official events, but also for his keen pursuit of playing rugby away from the public eye.

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Prince Harry spoke candidly about his love of rugby in his book 'Spare' and admitted the sport had captured his heart. “I've tried a lot of sports, but rugby attracted me. It's a great game and a great way to throw yourself into something.

Kate Middleton: The hobby worries her

According to the British newspaper “Mirror”, Kate revealed her son's sporting ambitions in 2022. Although she is happy with Louis' enthusiasm, she is also concerned.

During a training session with the England rugby national team, Kate revealed that Prince Louis loved the sport but she was “worried” that his playing style was a bit rough. Compared to American football, which is played with extensive protective equipment, rugby can be quite wild.

“They all enjoy it,” she said when asked if any of her children liked rugby. She added: “Lewis is suicidal,” describing his risky playing style. “We're worried that as he gets older he'll get all over the place.”

As she shared with the Mirror, Kate also revealed: “Louis is obsessed with rugby. At their age, they just love to run.”

It's understandable that Kate would feel anxious as a mother, especially when it comes to an extreme sport. One can only hope that Prince Louis isn't giving his mother too many sleepless nights during this difficult time.