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Princess Kate could go without a tiara at Charles’ coronation

Princess Kate could go without a tiara at Charles’ coronation

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Is Princess Kate breaking the tradition of the crown at the coronation of Charles?

King Charles will be crowned on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London. His daughter-in-law wants to do without a special piece of jewelry for this.


Princess Kate may opt out of the crown at King Charles’ coronation

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  • Traditionally, all royal ladies wear the tiara at the coronation ceremony.

  • When King Charles, 74, celebrates his party in May, Princess Kate wants to do without him.

  • Instead, the 40-year-old should aim for a less formal look.

In a few weeks, the world will be looking forward to London when King Charles (74) and Queen Camilla (75) in Westminster Abbey to be crowned. Although the King declared that his ceremony would be “shorter and cheaper” than that of his mother, who died in September, Many details still follow the traditions of the British royal family.

This includes, among other things, the diadem being worn by royal women. At the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953, heads of the aristocracy were to adorn the royal jewels at Charles’ ceremony. But Princess Kate of all people seems to speak out against these habits.

Princess Kate is not aiming for a formal look

“At the Queen’s coronation in 1953, almost every royal lady wore tiaras, as did many aristocratic women, but times have definitely changed in 70 years,” Lorraine Kenny, author of The Court Jeweler, told People magazine. magazine. Wife of heir to the throne, Prince William (40) Instead, you should aim for a less formal look and swap your royal heritage jewels for a hat or wizard, according to royal circles.

Behind the palace walls, there is heated debate about the possible absence of a crown. No final choice has been made yet. But the mother of three has to decide against itYou will “still see some amazing jewelry like necklaces, brooches, and earrings” at the coronation, jewelry expert Lauren Kehana told Celebrity USA.

Likewise, a renunciation of the crown can be a Bring about a change in the dress code. If Charles takes an example from the coronation of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (55), there will be a “formal dress”. This means that Kate and the other royal women won’t necessarily have to wear floor-length dresses.

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