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Backbone Rapper – Knackeboul: “I’m a contradictory person” – Entertainment

Backbone Rapper – Knackeboul: “I’m a contradictory person” – Entertainment


The Swiss rapper talks about his haters and exposes the critics who really hit him.

He raps, hits box office and discusses world affairs with fellow rapper Luke on a ‘potcast’ – and occasionally runs events like the Untersiggenthal Music Society gala.

In his songs and on social media, the 40-year-old expresses himself vividly on social and political issues. He’s getting on the nerves of some, as comments on his social media profiles show. David Koehler, as his real name, dances on many channels. He divides those who know him into fans and haters.

I do well on a small scale and very bad on a large scale.

With host Pablo Vögtli on the rap show “Bounce”, he shows his funny as well as serious side, sometimes combative and sometimes self-deprecating.

Political involvement and dealing with haters

This swing between the poles is also reflected in the answer to the question of how he performs: “In small things I do very well and in large things very poorly.” He finds: “Anyone who does very well under these geopolitical conditions is a funny person.”

When asked by Vogtley why he was always talking about political issues such as escape, he said, “People are drowning regularly in the Mediterranean, it’s bad and it’s killing me.” And more generally about his social media posts: “When white men broadcast something and few of them are intimidated to say anything about it, I object to it.”

Knackeboul on UBS’ takeover of CS

Everyone who distributes should also receive it. Knackeboul, who’s had to deal with online hate for years, knows this, too. Criticism hits him, especially when it’s true: “When people say I’m doing well, but then I play for some company. It shocks me because it shows: Yes, I’m a conflicted person.”

Tik Tok and a bad conscience

However, he no longer quarreled so much with himself. “Because one of the few accomplishments I’ve had in my life is that I don’t have a bad conscience anymore,” says the rapper. Except after two hours of using the smartphone for social media. But then he said to himself that his grandfather had been listening to some program on the radio for maybe two hours. I used to watch TV and today only watch TikTok.

He is one of the most talented improvisers I have ever seen.

Knackeboul, who performed his new song “Tramputier” live on the show (“I bi es sensibels Tramputier…”), also became known for his freestyle rapping. “He is one of the most talented improvisational artists I have ever seen. “Not only throughout Switzerland, but internationally,” says Pablo Vogtli, who has known him for more than 20 years.

Controversial in the rap scene

However, Knackeboul is also controversial in the Swiss rap scene, says Vögtli. Some think he doesn’t do real hip-hop at all. Others are annoyed that he often comments on a wide range of topics. But according to Vogtley: “Most of those who have heard it freestyle have great respect for it because they can’t do it themselves.”

Knack shows what he can do as a freestyle rapper in “Bounce”. He sits loosely on the couch, combining words like jammed load, foreign shame, or MRI into a big picture that finally makes some sense.