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King Charles III: His Life in Pictures

King Charles III: Education, Studies, and Military Service

King Charles III was on November 14, 1948 as The first son of Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Philip was born. So it was clear that he would eventually ascend the British throne. Charles had to wait 73 years for that to happen. But during the long preparation for the king, Charles never got bored.

From 1954 to 1967 King Charles III. traditional schools in Great Britain and Australia and also took private lessons at Buckingham Palace. In 1967 it started Degree in Archeology and Anthropology in Cambridge. However, he later switched to Subject dateWhere Charles received his bachelor’s degree in 1970. Five years later he obtained his master’s degree in the same subject.

Between 1971 and 1976, the former Prince of Wales underwent military training. There he learned to fly helicopters, propellers and jet planes and assisted the Royal Navy. King Charles has the following military titles: Admiral of the Royal Navy Fleet, Field Marshal of the British Army and Marshall (General) of the Royal Air Force.