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Leaving 'The Young Doctors' For Good?: Actress Rebecca About Return

Leaving 'The Young Doctors' For Good?: Actress Rebecca About Return

In episode 190, Rebecca Krieger came to Johannes Thal's clinic, and in episode 378 she left: she went to Berlin, and actress Melina Stroop left the spin-off show “In Aller Friendship” “Young Doctors”.

The exit was not well received by Vorabendweekly fans. Many people vent their anger on Instagram, among other places. Here are just some opinions:

“These 'Young Doctors' screenwriters are finally ruining this series. It's a shame that something so beautiful is being ruined.” Another viewer thought: “All the veterans make up the show and everyone is leaving, it's a real shame.”

And he fears more goodbyes: “Who's next? Slowly but surely this great chain is being destroyed!” And many people still miss “Bährchen”: “Please bring back Bährchen, this excuse about age is absolutely ridiculous.” doctor. Elias Bahr, known as Bährchen, left JTK in November 2023.

Another user put the farewell in perspective: “I think some people here don't understand the concept of the show. It's called Young Doctors, not Doctors Who Will Stay With Us Forever. We're accompanying people in their training to become doctors.” “Doctors, of course, some of them end up moving to other places after they graduate, and that's just part of it.” A goodbye like that doesn't have to be forever, right?