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'Personal attack': Heidi Klum fires controversial GNTM nominee

'Personal attack': Heidi Klum fires controversial GNTM nominee

You like him or you like to gossip about him: Candidate Lucas always has something to complain about. But now it's over. Heidi Klum is kicking the polarizing audience favorite off her TV show.

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  • In the 18th season of Germany's Next Top Model, the number of candidates is getting smaller and smaller.
  • Participants had to walk across the stage under the watchful eyes of presenter Heidi Klum and three guest judges, Esther Berbandt, Kevin Germanier and Ashton Michael.
  • Controversial crowd favorite Ledoyen and Lucas failed to impress Klum and co.

In this episode of “Germany's Next Top Model” (GTNM), there was supposed to be a mileage allowance for Heidi's followers. Because the models had to master the “longest catwalk ever in the history of GNTM” (about 50 metres) twice.

Clearly, exercise isn't enough for twins Julian and company. He broke his little finger while playing soccer on a Malibu beach.

The story could easily be told later at a party, but at that moment the blond boy didn't find the incident all that exciting. Is this the end of GNTM?

Heidi Klum presents three guest jurors

He stood on the shore, a little confused, and looked at the ugly angled finger. Friend Armin showed little pity: “The picture was funny – the way he stood there with his finger,” Allgäu’s Adonis smiled.

Finally we went to the doctor. Realize: it broke into three pieces! Julian was concerned about getting the cast. But a surgeon later gave the order: For now, they wanted to try tape on the body. At least you can now tell the twins apart.

This made it easier for the jury. In addition to Heidi Klum, there were three members of the jury: designers Esther Berbandt, Kevin Germanier, and Ashton Michael.

“There are three fashion shows on GNTM this week,” Klum said happily. “Models get to experience the fashion week atmosphere and learn how different designers' desires and expectations are.”

Candidate Lucas is only convincing when he's frowning

Upcycling specialist Kevin Germanier, who was scheduled to walk only female models, encouraged women to take to the catwalk. “Slutty but never vulgar.” To be, that is, “nice, but never vulgar.”

He and platform coach Micky Kurz were not satisfied with Ledoyen's test: “Legs together!”

Ashton Michael outfitted only the men and was immediately taken away with Jermaine and Freder. Lucas, on the other hand, couldn't convince him at all. When he received criticism from Esther Berbandt, the 24-year-old retreated into a sulking corner.

He poured out his heart to Stella, the company's mother: “I have a feeling that I always have to pretend.” The mother of four tried to re-motivate Lucas — with moderate success: “Lucas felt personally attacked.”

But walking wasn't as easy as Esther imagined. All models must make their way very slowly with a balloon representing freedom in their hands. Then things came back especially quickly.

Heidi Klum: 'It's uncomfortable to look at'

After a long night of rehearsals in the typical loft, things finally got serious the next day. First it was the turn of the gentlemen. For favorite Jermaine, the platform wasn't long enough: “Please make it 100 metres,” he demanded, and Heidi got “goosebumps” during her appearance.

However, as Lucas walked, she made a strange discovery: his face twitched.

The designer also found it “very solid and robotic.” Finally, the manager said: “Lucas, I have to tell you, unfortunately I don’t have a photo of you today!”

However, Heidi Klum added: “I admire you very much as a person, and I will miss you.” Maybe a little balm for ego wounds.

One woman also had to pack her bags. But it wasn't Grace who tripped and fell, but rather “professionally.” However, for Ksenia, it was very close: “It's annoying to look at because you think it's going to fall,” Heidi said as she walked.

According to the jury, only Ledoyen was worse. Germanier received a fair amount of reprimand for standing at the end of the counter: “If a customer tells you not to do something, don't do it!”

“It's very important that you listen to her,” Heidi emphasized, not giving Ledoyne a photo. She was the author of: “You can't know how sad I am.” “You will definitely hear from me,” she promised.

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