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The goal is to defuse the dramatic situation

The goal is to defuse the dramatic situation

A few days ago, the developers at Battlestate Games turned Escape from Tarkov players against them. The reason is the recently released Unheard Edition of the game, which comes with a cooperative PvE mode. Players who own the Edge of Darkness version of Escape from Tarkov will have to pay extra for this mode. In fact, EOD was supposed to offer buyers “free access to all subsequent DLC.”

The developers offer players a new solution

When players rebelled against Unheard Edition, the developers at Battlestate Games issued two demos to appease users. This was also followed by an apology from Nikita Buyanov, Battlestate's chief operating officer. Now the studio has published a “conclusion” that should finally satisfy players.

Owners of the Edge of Darkness edition of Escape from Tarkov should now also have access to a co-op PvE mode with permanent progression. Access is granted in waves. There is also a faster insurance payout and increased purchase limits for personal traders by 20 percent. Owners of the Standard, Ready for Escape, and Left Behind editions will have the opportunity to purchase the PvE mode separately.