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The front square of the harbor is called “Hermann Schmitz Platz”.

The front square of the harbor is called “Hermann Schmitz Platz”.

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First President Klaus Bischoff was able to welcome many members, friends, “KuBa” rowers and guests of honor to row in the harbour. He also brought the good news that RG Treis-Karden's Jonas Wiesen had won silver with the German eight the previous day at the European Championships.

The harbor forecourt at “Hermann Schmitz-Platz” was dedicated and local mayor Josef Blazer gave a laudatory speech highlighting the achievements of Hermann Schmitz, founder of the Rowing Association, as well as his commitment to local politics as mayor. The local community of Tres-Carden. In her speech, State Minister Heike Raab paid tribute to the rowing community's achievements and hospitality, and also had words of appreciation for the redesign of the Hermann Schmitz Arena, which has delivered its financial resources from the local community's investment pool. A large number of Hermann Schmitz family members were in attendance for the occasion, including the founding member of the Rowing Association, Bernhardin Pastek, née Schmitz.

Three boats for popular and youth sports were christened. A skippered double scull was named “Calimero” by former best German rower Cornelia Nietzsche, an entertainment song by the young athlete Niels Isaacs was named “Paris 2024” and another by Hanna Schenck was named “Wildburg Treis”.

They were decorated with flowers and paddled by their godparents. Bettina Endres joined Cornelia Nitsche in the duet. The subsequent “Baptism Boat Race” was won by Niels Itzhak.

Numerous donations of cake and salad, as well as the expert barbecue team with Klaus Peter Kipp and Uli Jacobs, ensured our physical health. The committed commitment of the young rowers and careful pre-planning of the festival by Julia Bischoff and Tim Beier was also enjoyable.