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Missiles for Russia: Will Iranian aircraft be banned from flying in Europe?

Missiles for Russia: Will Iranian aircraft be banned from flying in Europe?

The Pouya Air Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft flew to Moscow several times. Now the United States includes the Iranian airline's cargo ship on its sanctions list. Iranian Airlines may also face problems.

The Ilyushin Il-76 of Iran's Boya Air has not been very busy in recent months. But there was one way she continued. The cargo ship registered EP-PUS traveled several times between Tehran-Mahabad and Moscow-Vnukovo.

OFAC has now implemented this, as has the aviation data provider first CH Aviation mentioned. The US Treasury agency monitors sanctioned companies and individuals. Pouya Air added Pouya Air's Ilyushin Il-76 to the list of banned aircraft on April 25. She is accused of violating the arms embargo, supporting global terrorism, being close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and evading financial sanctions imposed on Iran.

Remake of other Iranian airlines

OFAC believes that Pouya Air is a relaunch of Qeshm Airlines, which was sanctioned many years ago. It is also linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The airline later changed its name to Parsair and Yas Air.

There are also specific indications for this. According to CH Aviation, the airline's Il-76 was previously in service with Qeshm Airlines, Parseer and Yas Air. In addition to the EP-PUS aircraft, Pouya Air's fleet consists of a second Il-76 and five Embraer ERJ 145 aircraft.

The West is concerned about missile deliveries

But the sanctions are just a prelude to what could happen to Iranian airlines. The mullahs' state has increased its military cooperation with Russia in recent months. news agency Reuters In February, Tehran announced that Tehran was supplying Moscow with about 400 powerful surface-to-surface ballistic missiles.

The deal has not yet been confirmed in Washington. But the US government has already warned Iran. A senior government official in Washington told the news agency that if delivery of short-range missiles to Russia is confirmed, Iranian airlines may also be banned in Europe. AP.

New sanctions loom

The G7 countries warned: “If Iran continues to supply Russia with ballistic missiles or related technology, we stand ready to respond quickly and in a coordinated manner, including by taking new and significant measures against Iran.” The most important industrialized countries in the world in March.

After Mahan Air was sanctioned a few years ago due to its proximity to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and also banned in Germany, it may now be Iran Air's turn. In addition to London, Milan, Paris, Rome and London, the national airline operates regular flights to Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne/Bonn and Vienna in Western Europe.

Already violations by Iranian Airlines

In early fall 2022, the United States identified three Iranian Boeing 747 aircraft that were used to circumvent sanctions. Jumbo jets from Iran Air, Mahan Air and Qeshm Fars Air with registration numbers EP-ICD, EP-MEE and EP-FAA transported electronics to Russia, among other things. “This clearly represents a violation of strict export controls,” Washington said at the time.