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At H&M, we’re now shopping the perfect bra for backless dresses

However, the biggest challenge with a backless dress is choosing the right bra. This should have no straps and no back tape and still ensure that the breasts sit well and stay in place. At H&M, we found a budget model that met our criteria because it has self-sealing cups and a front closure. The bra is available in sizes A/B, B/C, and C/D and we particularly liked the fact that the model can be washed and therefore reused. Very sustainable!

This is how an adhesive bra stays in place

Thanks to the bra, we can now not only wear backless clothes. The adhesive bra is also ideal for strapless tops, garments with thin straps or cut-out pieces. This is why it is a must have in the spring and summer and we don’t want to be without it anymore. In order for us to get the most out of your adhesive bra and fit it perfectly, you shouldn’t stick the form on if you’re sweating or your skin is a little damp. In addition, you should not have applied body lotion or other care products to your skin before attaching the bra. If you pay attention to these tips, your practical adhesive bras will bring you a lot of joy.