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House: The agency has ceased operations

House: The agency has ceased operations

The House Agency disappears from the Swiss agency scene. On Monday, the bankruptcy application was submitted to the responsible bankruptcy office in Zurich. “The reason for this is that society is overburdened with debt. This can no longer be avoided even with restructuring measures,” CEO Frank Lange confirmed information from on Thursday.

Customers and employees have been informed of this move. “We expect to declare bankruptcy within the next few days. “The bankruptcy administrator is then responsible for initiating the next steps,” Lang continued. The House Agency will do everything it can to find the best possible solutions for employees and clients. The agency recently hired 15 people. Lang: “In light of the upcoming bankruptcy proceedings, we cannot say more at this time.”

The House agency's website remained available as of Thursday afternoon. Now she says, “The House Agency has ceased operations. We would like to thank all our customers, partners and employees for the time we spent together.

The House Agency was founded in early 2011 (according to Clients included Axa, Dinner, JobCloud, Hotelplan, Migros Club school and Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis ski area. The house has been part of the MYTY collection since 2020.