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Bartender gives first interview after disappearance – “Don’t believe anything!”

With a caveat

After the disappearance – a bartender speaks for the first time

For several months, Nadia Abdel Faraj’s environment did not know her whereabouts. But now the 58-year-old is back and is giving an interview about the missing person report on Instagram for the first time.


Nadel’s environment was anxious: There was no trace of the 58-year-old for four months.


  • TV presenter Nadia Abdelfarag, also known as Nadel, is said to have been missing for four months. This was claimed by an alleged friend of the woman from Hamburg.

  • But a week later, a waiter spoke up and warned: “What’s written everywhere on Instagram: don’t believe anything!”

  • This alleged friend allegedly stole her identity on social media and has personal documents, such as Farrag’s bank details.

For a year, it was quiet on all social media platforms about Nadia Abdel Farrag. Then the sign of life on her Instagram account. A picture of her with a young man named Daniel appears in her timeline. The message: Nadia, it’s me, no, not just me, we want you to connect with us, dear Nadia. “No sign of you in months,” the alleged boyfriend told the TV personality.

But after the needle He was seen shopping in Hamburg last weekFormer pop giant Dieter Bohlen (69) speaks for himself. On a phone call with RTL, she explained: “I’m done for today. It depends on what’s being reported on me.” The presenter also warns: “What is written everywhere on Instagram: don’t believe anything!”

Was Nadel a victim of a cybercriminal?

As the woman from Hamburg explained, she was not missing, but had disappeared on purpose. So she feels persecuted and threatened – by the anxious alleged friend who has been searching for her on Instagram. As the former manager of the 58-year-old said, she is said to have become a victim of cybercrime. So it is said that the man named Daniel stole her identity on social media.

He also has personal documents, such as Farrag Bank details. “There is a certain person who is posting articles on her Facebook account and Instagram account in the name of Nadia, who has her PIN from the bank, who has her documents.” With the director still going public, Naddel now wants to take civil action against identity theft and continue to stay out of the limelight and public.

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