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Victor Giacobpo is already fighting with ZFF again

Victor Giacobpo is already fighting with ZFF again

Victor Giacopo does not leave his criticism of the Zurich Film Festival behind the mountain. The organizers are not happy about it.

The basics in brief

  • Victor Giacopo missed this year’s Zurich Film Festival.
  • Reason: The comedian is annoyed by the presence of influencers.
  • Now ZFF is interfering with Giacobbo.

He says what he thinks. Satirist Victor Giacopo (69 years old) Twitter A feud against the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF), which ended today. Hit by influencers on the red carpet invitation.

Already last week he rowed Twitter: “But all the influencers, models, fitness trainers, and fashion scouts introduce themselves to you. Why don’t so many real filmmakers get invited?”

A few days later, Giacopo continued, “New discriminatory entry rules for the Zurich Film Festival at the awards ceremony today: Young influencers are only allowed to enter if they are accompanied by an older film director.” Nearly 70 fans have ‘liked’ the post.

On the other hand, there was no such as from ZFF. There, apparently, the muzzle was not a funny thing, and it seemed that the organizers intervened.

Viktor Giacobbo wrote: “ZFF management has informed me over the phone that this tweet is incorrect and wants me to correct it.”

His conclusion follows immediately with a wink: Influencers will be able to get through even without an older companion.

Sharp model for fellow comedians Mike Muller (57): He wrote: “I wouldn’t go there without you.” A tweet that causes ridicule and hate.

ZFF is clearly not interested in the public debate.’s request has so far remained unanswered.

Want to appear on the ZFF red carpet?

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