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17th Zurich Film Festival - Golden Eye for Mafia Drama - Culture

17th Zurich Film Festival – Golden Eye for Mafia Drama – Culture


“A Chiara” won the award for Best Feature Film. A Swiss film also escaped with a golden eye.

Mafia drama “A Chiara” won the Golden Eye for Best Feature Film. Italian director Jonas Carpignano’s film has already won an award at the Quinzaine des réalisateurs in Cannes. Now the jury for feature films with President Daniel Bruhl has awarded him a prize in Zurich.

“Just a masterpiece”

The film tells about 15-year-old Chiara who notices that her father has ties to the Calabrian mafia. Track it and check underground.

The jury praised, among other things, the acting performance in the film, which was constantly cast by amateurs. “A Chiara” is simply a cinematic masterpiece, the jury states.


Chiara explores the Calabria metro.

Zurich Film Festival

The golden eye of Swiss drama

Products from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were nominated in the “Focus” competition. The jury with President Sonke Wortmann awarded the Swiss film “La Mif”.

The drama of Geneva director Frédéric Belive tells about the inhabitants of the girls’ house.


“La Maeve” tells of girls from torn backgrounds.

Zurich Film Festival

“Life of Ivanna” won the Golden Eye in the Documentary Competition. Guatemalan director Renato Boraio Serrano, who now lives in Russia, recounts the difficult life of a nomad on the Antarctic tundra.

Artistic director Christian Youngs expressed his satisfaction with its second edition of the festival: “The Zurich Film Festival visited much more than expected. This signifies the return of cinema.”

Awards in 17 ZFF

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  • Feature Film Competition: “A Chiara” by Jonas Carpignano (Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, 2021).
  • Focus competition: “La Mif” by Frédéric Belive (Switzerland, 2021)
  • Documentary competition: “Ivana’s Life” by Renato Boraio Serrano (Russia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, 2021).
  • ZFF Children’s Jury Prize: “The Wolf and the Lion” by Gilles de Maistre (Frankrich, Canada, 2021).
  • Science Film Award: “All light, everywhere” Von Theo Anthony (USA, 2021).
  • Swiss Emerging Talent Award (Kritikerpreis): “Azure” by Andreas Fontana (Switzerland, France, Argentina, 2021).
  • Zurich Churches Film Award: “La Mif” by Frédéric Belive.
  • Best International Film Music: Andrey Mordovsky.