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This mascara makes brown eyes shine brighter!

This mascara makes brown eyes shine brighter!

BRIGHT EYES: With this mascara you can make brown eyes look great!

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No boring brown eyes! You just have to organize them properly! By using a certain trick of mascara, you can make your brown eyes sparkle even more.

Do you want to take a look at someone? Then you probably know that eyelash curlers and mascara are the easiest ways to quickly create a beautiful look. But to get a great effect, everyone with brown eyes has to change a little something.

Please don’t let this stop you! Try dark blue mascara instead of black mascara. The blue pigments are a nice contrast to brown eyes and help make them really shine. Anyone who has found a good deep blue mascara will notice the difference. For a subtle look, apply black mascara to your lashes first, followed by blue mascara. For a more intense look, use only blue mascara. And if you want to get the most out of your brown eyes, use white mascara first (like your primary mascara) and then blue mascara.

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Of course, blue mascara also works with light eyes, but the look can quickly look too expensive here, while also looking natural with brown eyes in everyday life.