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Now even Deutsche Ban is making fun of Wendler

Now even Deutsche Ban is making fun of Wendler

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Rumors about Michael Wendler’s residency in South Florida also brought Deutsche Bahn onto the scene. But the former pop singer refuses everything.

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as they say? Whoever has the damage does not have to worry about ridicule. That seems to be the case with Michael Wendler as well. Because after wednesday a The “photo” report sparked speculation about his stay in the United Statesa German state-owned company is now surprisingly stepping in.

Deutsche Bahn tweets on its “DB Cargo” account. This area of ​​the railway is responsible for freight traffic. The tweet carried a message from yesterday: “Michael Wedler and Laura Mueller have to leave Villa in Florida.” “We have experience transporting aluminum,” she says.

the joke? Michael Wendler has been considered a so-called “aluminum hat” since his exit from the DSDS and numerous conspiracy ideological statements. Also because the 50-year-old repeatedly attracts attention in the social network Telegram with dubious theses and public criticism of German government policy.

“It is by no means correct that the owner has given notice”

But at the request of T-online, Michael Wendler denied the photo in the popular press in recent days. True, he left the apartment building in South Florida – 230 square meters, four bedrooms and three bathrooms. This is what was believed to be true.

“I can confirm that I did not extend the lease. It is not true under any circumstances that the owner has given notice. The landlord even wanted to extend the lease,” explains Wendler t-online. When and where it will move is left open for now. He’s currently not in Florida with Laura Mueller anyway, but in New York.

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