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“The farmer is looking for a wife” The couple dares to take the next step – Inca Pose comments

“The farmer is looking for a wife” The couple dares to take the next step – Inca Pose comments

Catherine and Mark found each other through “Bauer sucht Frau”.Photo: Instagram/kat_la1988


Jana Eiserbeck

Inka Bause doesn’t just play the matchmaker in “Bauer sucht Frau”. Since 2019, she has also been trying to bring farmers from abroad to the man or woman in “Bauer sucht Frau International”. Last season, the breeder of a young foal, Katrin from Austria, also wanted to find happiness in love. And soon she realizes that candidate Patrick will not win her heart. And she finally settled on Swiss Mark – and in fact their relationship continued even after filming.

Already in the last episode, they both happily announce: “We are a couple, we are in love, happy together and enjoying it.” Presenter Inka Bause reported on the wedding and children’s plans. But first they thought of moving in together. Having recently celebrated their sixth anniversary, the next event comes.

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“Farmer Looking for Wife,” the couple announce their next move

Catherine shares new photos on Instagram on the occasion of her birthday. In one of the photos, she hugs her boyfriend, who is holding a cake for the camera. Catherine also poses by the pool and with friends and family.

She captioned the series of photos, saying, “It was my 35th birthday.” But not only that, but both of them also celebrated a very special move. The Austrians and the Swiss moved in together. Accordingly, it was also Mark’s new party, she told her followers.

She thanked everyone who celebrated with her and happily declared: “Now our future together begins. It’s good that you are with me now.” She commented on the post with an endless emoji.

Followers are happy with the TV duet

Chief Agent Inka Pose shared the good news in her story and added the words, “Welcome home.” Congratulations to the couple were welcomed in the comments. “Now you can enjoy and make the most of your time together. What a beautiful couple.”user writes. “Marc is really a stroke of luck (what you can tell from the TV),” another tells the Austrian. Another user concludes, “It’s great to find each other and get along so well.”