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ProSieben prohibits this for GNTM candidates

ProSieben prohibits this for GNTM candidates

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This year, the program “Germany's Next Top Model” also includes young male models. But the broadcaster has allegedly set strict rules for this, as candidate Maximilian Kreiner has now revealed.

BERLIN – Heidi Klum (50 years old) has been working for several seasons to bring more diversity to her program ProSieben, titled “Germany's Next Top Model.” In the nineteenth edition of the popular TV show, men are allowed to participate for the first time. But for this to happen, the broadcaster also had to tighten contracts. GNTM candidate Maximilian Kreiner (21 years old) is now talking about what is strictly prohibited for participants.

“Having something with someone is a breach of contract,” says Maximilian Kreiner, GNTM nominee.

The innovation of casting women and men at the same time this year may have given fans hope that there might be sparks between the young models on set. ProSieben is also said to have been aware of this risk. For this reason, there must be a clause in the contract up front that aims to prevent closeness.

On the podcast She's talking GNTM candidate Maximilian Kreiner revealed how stringent ProSieben is in taking action in the event of a cheating match. “Having something with someone is a breach of contract,” the Austrian explained to Berlin podcast trio Sophie, Hanna and Emma.

The contract of “Germany's Next Top Model”: This is how candidate Maximilian Kreiner tried to outsmart him

However, Maximilian Kreiner had thought of a strategy in advance of how to inform his friends in case of emergency without revealing himself to the broadcaster. He wanted to use “Package has arrived” as the code word on the phone. However, that never happened.

On the left we see GNTM nominee Maximilian Kreiner at the film's red carpet premiere;  On the right we see the GNTM lettering on the director's chair and the logo on the gold balloons
Young model Maximilian Kreiner reveals what ProSieben strictly forbids candidates in the current season of “Germany's Next Top Model”. © IMAGO / Photopress Müller & photo Alliance/dpa/dpa-Zentralbild | Jens Kalin

But then Maximilian Kreiner made another proposal. “But I can’t speak for everyone,” the 21-year-old explained. However, he did not want to reveal which GNTM candidates there might have been a spark between them. Despite the strict rules, Kreiner praised the atmosphere on set and particularly found words of praise for Heidi Klum. “Heidi is the most humane of the entire production team,” the Austrian said enthusiastically.

But young models are not protected from crises either. Things are going really wrong between GNTM candidates Aldean and Dominic. Sources used: “She's Talking” Podcast (Episode 50)