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RICO is interested in the Cilander area –

RICO is interested in the Cilander area –

AG Cilander is pleased to find a local company, RICO Security Technology AG, interested in part of its land and real estate at the Herisau site, Herisau announced on Monday. This potential deal could allow RICO to repurpose buildings quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining jobs in the community. Feasibility tests and negotiations are currently underway.

Convenient location as an advantage

For the Herisau community, this means a temporary postponement of the development of the attractive Nordhalden business district. However, all participants are convinced that this operation is evidence of Herisau's very attractive business location in both Cilanderstrasse and Nordhalden. “This is due to its convenient location with easy access to important transport routes for companies and its accessibility for employees,” confirms CEO Burgard Schneider. RICO CEO Alexander Agatunovich adds: “Nordhalde is well suited to our needs. However, with the cessation of AG Cilander's business, a new unexpected situation has arisen for us. The existing building is ideal and we can use it with only some modifications.

Detailed statements cannot be made at this time regarding activities related to the continuation of the sub-areas and negotiations for the sale of the remaining properties. Conversations for further use in different situations. All potential property buyers are still encouraged to contact Cilander regarding the attractive commercial spaces in Herisau, Flawil and Lützelflüh.

Communication solutions for employees

Activities aimed at finding communication solutions for all Cilander employees are in full swing. In addition to the qualifications, practical training, personal training and career centre, following the success of the first edition, the career fair will be repeated on 16 May 2024, where companies in the region can easily connect with loyal and motivated workers from a wide range of fields.

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