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Prince William is “disgusted” by Harry

Prince William is “disgusted” by Harry

This was supposed to be a first step towards peace, but nothing will be gained from it.

blame? Prince William, 41, should be the most seriously injured of all people.

But palace insiders don’t believe that. Because King Charles is facing an important state visit to France just three days after the possible meeting on September 17th.

However, they say Charles would never shut his door on Harry. It’s different with Brother William. “There is absolutely no chance that William will agree to meet his brother,” says TheDailyBest.

The trio’s final meeting after Prince Philip’s funeral (1921-2021) goes terribly wrong. Harry in Spare: “I traveled home exclusively to attend my grandfather’s funeral.”

And further: “There I asked for a confidential meeting with my older brother Willie and my father to talk about the current situation.” According to Harry, Prince William was “ready to fight” at the time.

The palace expert says of the upcoming meeting: “Charles won’t meet Harry and neither will William. never. William feels completely betrayed by what Harry wrote about him in the book and what he said about him on Netflix.”

“Spare Parts” was Williams’ worst nightmare. “It’s a complete invasion of his privacy. Additionally, Harry has criticized Kate and her parenting. It is quite understandable that William would be absolutely disgusted by what his brother had done at this point.”