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A teenage daughter destroys her home at a sleepover

A teenage daughter destroys her home at a sleepover

The scenes described from England are reminiscent of the American comedy “Project X”. Thomas is a nondescript boy whose parents are traveling during his birthday. So his friend plans a party at Thomas’ house, which gets out of hand. Approximately 2,000 people showed up and completely destroyed the family home.

In the case of the Englishwoman, only nine young men were involved – and the damage still done is enormous. A mother leaves her daughter home alone to go away for the weekend with her husband and autistic son. When you come back you find complete chaos.

The Brit documented it all on Tiktok. The evening started with a warm meeting with a few friends. “Then the boys showed up and now my house is destroyed.”

There are burn marks on the walls from deodorant spray and lighters. The fire extinguisher was used and its powder left an even bigger mess.

In addition, someone vomited on her bed and on her kitchen floor. The video shows a knife lying in the bathtub. Bubbles of foam flew into their neighbors’ windows because the bathtub was filled to overflowing.

As if the chaos it left behind wasn’t enough, many valuables were also stolen from the family during the night.

According to the statements of the youth, the greatest damage occurred only in the early morning. “My daughter told her friends to put things away like throw up. They refused, so she told her friends to leave.” And then they had only begun with massive destruction.

Since then, the mother has called the police. She only has the contact details of the parents of the two boys responsible. One family did not react at all, while the other had “little sympathy”.