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The 28-year-old wanted to know if the Queen was still alive

He rushed towards her coffin, thinking that she was still alive

The 28-year-old wanted to know if the queen was actually in the coffin

A 28-year-old wanted to make sure that Queen Elizabeth was indeed dead. That’s why he went to her coffin – and wanted to see for himself whether her body was in it.


A man rushed towards the queen’s coffin. Now it is clear why. (Icon picture)

A few days before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (96) there was a strange sight. A man rushed toward the coffin lying in Westminster Hall so he could touch it before the police overpowered him. He managed to touch the coffin of the queen. Reports now BBCThe man wanted to check if the queen was in the coffin.

He is a 28 year old male. He proceeded to seize the flag draped over the queen’s coffin. Because he did not believe that she died as the court found.