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SRF’s new satirical format – Gabriel Vetter and the ‘Show of the Month’ – News

SRF’s new satirical format – Gabriel Vetter and the ‘Show of the Month’ – News


SRF’s new satirical format begins Sunday with host Gabriel Vetter.

Gabriel Vetter is one of the most prominent German-speaking Swiss comedians and satirists. He is known to SRF audiences from the previous night show “Deville”, where he played various roles.

Now he has his own show with “Show of the Month”. The 40-year-old and his team look on About the political and social events that took place in the past few weeks. Whether it’s global politics or national social issues – the series puts current events in the spotlight from a Swiss perspective, always with a critical eye and Vetter’s usual silly sense of humour.

Great successes at an early age

The Schaffhausen native has had an impressive theatrical career. In 2004, when he was 21, he won the German-Speaking Poetry Championship, the largest poetry competition in Europe.


Gabriel Vetter during his program “Wood Forest Bed” at the 17th Humor Festival in Arosa in December 2008.

Keystone/Arno Balzarini

In 2006, he was awarded the famous “Salzburger Stier” radio cabaret award, not least as the youngest winner ever. Vetter originally had other career plans. The current father initially studied law in Basel and theater studies in Bern. It ended with success and joy, as he writes on the home page of his artistic agency.

Your presentation as a new territory

Now the Basel resident is looking forward to the new challenge with great anticipation: “I find it really exciting when I find myself in new waters. I’m not a ferry that goes back and forth. I prefer to set off and see where the current takes me.”

I think it’s good to always be on the sidelines.

The satirist especially looks to tailor the show and team around his ideas and have him at the heart of it. Until now, Vetter had viewed himself as an outsider. “With comedians I am always the one telling the stories, and with journalists I am the comedian. But I think it’s good to always be on the sidelines.”

Vetter is also proud to have been able to form his own team. So alongside him will also be Fabian Hadorn and Sven Ivanic, The show stars Renato Kaiser, Moritz Schadler and Julia Kubik.