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Singer Faber cancels his entire tour due to emergency surgery

Singer Faber cancels his entire tour due to emergency surgery

Concerned about Swiss singer Faber: The 30-year-old musician told his fans on Friday about a short-term surgery – and its unpleasant consequences.

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One of Switzerland’s most exciting singer-songwriters: Julian Paulina, better known as Faber. This year he produced a new album. It is supposed to be released next year, but Faber also plans to tour for promotional purposes. “My dears, I have made a new album and I am very happy. It’s called Addio and will be released on February 9, 2024.”

He continued: “Playing live has always been my favorite thing. That’s why we’ll be doing a little tour and playing the album for you next October. This way we can discover Addio together as it was intended, all at once face to face.

“There is no permanent damage. Luckily”

But nothing will come of it now. Faber has canceled his entire tour, and for what seems like a troubling reason. The singer had to undergo emergency surgery. He announced this via his Instagram account on Friday evening. He told his approximately 120,000 followers: “I have bad news. Unfortunately I had to have emergency surgery. Everything will come back. There is no permanent damage. Luckily.”

He also showed a personal photo of himself from the hospital. A drop can be seen in the background and Faber also appears to be wearing a hospital gown. He looks groggy, looking at the camera behind his glasses with tired eyes and disheveled hair.

According to the 30-year-old from Zurich, he suffers greatly from this incident and the decision to cancel the tour: “It broke my heart. Unfortunately we have to postpone the next tour. We have to wait for the doctor’s report so we can estimate when I will be able to give concerts again.

Round in Germany, Austria Switzerland was to participate on October 1 Munich It was to begin and end on October 31 with a concert in Rubigen, Switzerland, near Bern.


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