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‘Something is wrong’: Friends are very concerned about Duchess Meghan

‘Something is wrong’: Friends are very concerned about Duchess Meghan

An insider reveals that friends are concerned about Meghan’s condition.

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry recently enjoyed a romantic vacation in the Caribbean on a luxury island. But appearances are deceiving, Meghan is not in good health at all, and her closest friends are very worried.

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  • Meghan and Harry went on vacation in the Caribbean in mid-October.
  • Previously, the Sussexes were in attendance at the Invictus Games in Germany and were rushing from one appointment to another. Harry founded the sporting event in 2014.
  • But now friends are very worried about Meghan. It had all become too much for her. It is very thin and worn.

Between soft sandy beaches and azure sea waters, Duchess Meghan (42) and Prince Harry (39) had a great time on the small and beautiful island of Canouan in mid-October. The luxury destination is part of the Caribbean nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The luxurious island offers everything your heart desires: elegant villas designed by Italian architects – of course with sea views and butler service. Canouan is a luxury getaway – perfect for families and friends, as the resort advertises on its homepage.

Despite her dream holiday, Duchess Meghan is said to be doing anything but well. Her friends are very worried about her.

Megan’s bills are piling up

At the last summit, Meghan also spoke about her two children, Archie (4 years old) and Lilibet (2 years old). The program covered topics such as mental health and children’s wellbeing in the digital age. “Being a mother is the most important thing in my life – apart from being a wife,” Meghan said there.

This is what an insider says In Touch Weekly magazine.That all the worries disturb the Duchess: “Something is wrong. She clearly does not take care of herself and looks shockingly thin.”

the reason? Megan rushes from appointment to appointment, plagued by worries about the future. Her financial situation gives Megan a stomach ache. The source knows: “Money is definitely an issue. And their bills are piling up.”

Just in June of this year, streaming company Spotify prematurely canceled a $1 million deal with Sussex. The Spotify chief made it clear that he expects more from them.

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