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Pop star Beatrice Egli reveals her quirks on vacation

Pop star Beatrice Egli reveals her quirks on vacation

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“Always mess something up” – Beatrice Egli on holiday quirks

Do you reserve lounge chairs on the beach? Do you use the napkin trick to get snacks from the buffet? In an interview, the pop star tells us for the first time what kind of vacationer he is.


At the beach, Beatrice Egli prefers to sit on the sand rather than wake up early and reserve a place to lie down.


  • Beatrice Egli rarely gives insight into her private life, but now she tells us in an interview about her quirks as a tourist.

  • The pop singer often leaves something at the breakfast buffet and eats it on the go.

  • But Beatrice Egli is too stupid to reserve beach chairs, she prefers to sleep in them.

If you want to go exploring early in the morning during your vacation, it’s best not to Traveling with Beatrice Egli (35).. The pop star revealed in an interview that he constantly sleeps during holidays. Waking up early to reserve beach chairs is out of the question for her. “Then the holiday is over!” she told Südwestfunk.

Usually keeps Beatrice Egli shares details about her private life. But now she’s opening up about her holiday quirks. For example, she regularly has to use the napkin trick at the breakfast buffet. Hotels get upset when guests wrap up wraps and take them outside – but it’s not much different with the pop star. “When I travel for work, I can almost always just eat on the go,” says Beatrice Egli. “Because I always sleep too long in the morning.”

No confidentiality

Because she often takes rolls from the buffet, Beatrice Egli eschews secrecy. “I formally walk in there, ask for tissues, and then formally walk out again.” In general, hotels tend to have more inventory, not less, after their visits. “I’m always messing something up,” the pop singer says. A hairdryer, a brush, a towel and her own pillow – Beatrice Egli left a lot behind. This means hotels always have to send her packages containing her forgotten items.

Finally, she revealed her killer standard for beach holidays: “I’m definitely not going on holiday to a place where I have to fight for sunbeds.” She wants to automatically decide where the most beautiful spot on the beach is and then lie down immediately. As is known, sleep is important to her on vacation.

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