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“Schlagerboom 2023”: Michelle sings a farewell song and talks about the end of her career

“Schlagerboom 2023”: Michelle sings a farewell song and talks about the end of her career

Michele explains the reasons why her career ended alongside Florian Silbereisen in “Schlagerboom 2023”.


The stars of the scene once again gave their support to Florian Silbereisen. Emotional highlights are presented by Michelle, who explains why her career ended.

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  • The “Schlagerboom 2023” show was full of emotional moments.
  • Pop singer Michelle explains to presenter Florian Silbereisen why she ended her career.
  • Florian Silbereisen and Thomas Anders honor the late Roger Whittaker.

On Saturday evening, the biggest party of the year was held in Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle district. Supervisor Florian Silbereisen (42 years old) had the slogan “Everything sparkles! Everything sparkles!” He was invited to his show “Schlagerboom 2023” on Erste channel.

And of course the greats of the genre followed his call. Among other things, Andrea Berg (57 years old) presented her new album, which was also released on October 20. Howard Carpendale (77) also performed his new work “Let’s Do It Again” there.

But one performance surpassed all others that evening: singer Michelle, 51, announced shortly before that she would bid farewell to her fans with a final album next year and end her career.

On the Silbereisen program she performed her farewell song “That’s All for Me” and explained her decision in a conversation with the program director, who could not hide his feelings: “Everyone here is a bit speechless. What an emotional song. You can’t really believe it when you suddenly sing it.” “

Michelle then explained that there are ups and downs in her life. Now you’ve reached a point where you want to close that door so you can open a new one.

Florian Silbereisen praises Roger Whittaker

One of the highlights of the evening was an emotional mix by Thomas Anders (60 years old) with Florian Silbereisen. The two have created a musical memorial to Roger Whittaker (1936-2023), who died on September 13, with his greatest hits.

“His music makes him immortal. “Dear Roger, we will never forget you,” Silbereisen said in what was perhaps the emotional highlight of the evening.

Silbereisen and Anders sang songs such as “A little Aroma”, “Albany”, “Eloise” and others. After the performance, Silbereisen sent a tribute to his late colleague: “I hope you listened in there and sang with us a little!”

Beatrice Egli was on stage in “Schlagerboom.”

Other guests at “Schlagerboom 2023” include DJ Otzi, Joelina Droz, Lucas Cordalis, Kirsten Ott, Ross Anthony, Mickie Krause, Daniel Munoz, Ben Zucker, Beatrice Egli, Mighty Kelly, Anastasia and Eloy de Jong.

“Schlagerboom 2023 – Everything sparkles, everything shines” on 21 October 2023 at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. Beatrice Egli and Florian Silbereisen were together on stage as well.


A total of 4.61 million viewers tuned into Erste on Saturday evening. In the ratings duel, Florian Silbereisen had only to admit defeat to the ZDF crime series “Helen Dorn”, which had 5.08 million viewers.

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