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Otto Falks after criticism: “Every joke has an expiration date”

Otto Falks after criticism: “Every joke has an expiration date”


Updated October 22, 2023 at 1:48 p.m

Otto Waalkes also has to deal with criticism regarding some old drawings. For example, WDR decided to add a warning to its older shows. Woakes doesn’t like that, but he admits: “Every joke has an expiration date.”

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No other comedian has had such a great influence on German humor in recent decades Otto and the bag. But Walkes’ drawings, performances, films and jokes are also being tested in the context of current debates: can some statements be broadcast without comment today, in light of changing language and growing sympathy for minorities? More recently, WDR has made a name for itself in this context. There, “The Otto Show” from the 1970s was warned.

The statement read: “The following program, as part of television history, is shown in its original form. It contains segments that are now considered discriminatory.”

Now the artist is in touch In an interview with the “T Online” portal.. He was “a little” upset by WDR’s warning. According to recent studies, such warnings would also have the opposite effect: “It is precisely those who are warned who take a closer look and want to know what it is about.”

Otto Walkes: “Censorship is always the wrong way to go”

Waalkes also comments on the WDR campaign in his usual sarcastic way: “A compliment to every comedian, because comedy can be really dangerous and lead to fits of laughter. We should beware of this.” However, he still believes that notices before his old shows are better than if the program is shortened: “Censorship is always the wrong way to go.”

But when asked if Woakes would continue to make some jokes of a racist or misogynistic nature, in the same way today, the comedian also became more serious: “As someone who was there, I can say: Half a century ago, these lines were obviously funny.” It was not used as discriminatory. It wasn’t intended that way either. People laughed at her.”

However, Wolks also admits: “Every joke has an expiration date. Even Don Quixote or Shakespeare’s fools no longer seem as funny as they did in their time.”
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