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Queen of Excellence - Seven facts about the 70th jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II - News

Queen of Excellence – Seven facts about the 70th jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II – News


Awards, Popes, and Dowries: During her 70 years in office, Elizabeth II has witnessed many impressive and surprising things. Seven facts about the seventieth anniversary.

Queen’s record: Seven years ago, Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Winston Churchill was Prime Minister when she took office, and since then 13 of his successors have served under her. There were also 14 US presidents during this period (all but one of whom she met Elizabeth II personally) and 7 popes (she met 4 of them).

Backpacker: None of her predecessors traveled as much as Elizabeth II, she made 150 visits to the Commonwealth alone. In total, she has traveled to more than 100 countries, mostly in Canada (22 times) and France (13 times). Although Elizabeth II travels a lot, she does not have a passport or a driver’s license – because the Queen does not need them.


Elizabeth II also visited Switzerland, and in 1980 she was a guest at Wimmis, among other places.

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Art collector: The royal collection is said to contain more than one million works: 168,000 paintings and drawings, 200,000 photographs, 300,000 decorative objects and 200,000 books.

animal lover: The Queen has owned more than 30 dogs so far. Most of her dogs and Dorgis are descendants of her first dog, Susan, which was given to her in 1944 for her eighteenth birthday. Elizabeth II was given her first dowry, called Peggy, by her grandfather, George V. It also got much more exotic animals, including jaguars, sloths, beavers, and an elephant. Most of these animals ended up in a zoo. Also, since the 12th century, all unmarked silent swans in a certain section of the Thames have been owned by the British royal family.

Black and white photo: a woman with two men in uniform on an elephant.


Not all animals have the protection of the Queen: Elizabeth in 1961 on a big hunting trip in Nepal, where a tiger and a rhino were shot.

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Dear host: Queen Elizabeth II has received 112 state visits to England so far. She hosted more than 180 garden parties for 1.5 million guests during her reign.

TV code: With one exception, Elizabeth II gave a televised Christmas address every year of her reign. She set a record in her personal TV ratings in 1966. In that time, 32.3 million people watched Elizabeth II present the World Cup to England captain Bobby Moore. It should remain England’s last World Cup victory to this day.

Popular topic: Elizabeth II made (or sat) more than 200 official portraits. Its profile features coins from 35 countries.

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