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Jürgen Drews sick: Schlagerstar cancels all live shows in June 2022 - people

Jürgen Drews sick: Schlagerstar cancels all live shows in June 2022 – people

Was the long run too much for him?

star cult Jürgen Drews (77) finished his big Schlagerfest XXL tour (25 concerts) with Florian Silbereisen (40) in Vienna on Saturday.

In fact, Jürgen Drews should be following other solo shows in June, but that won’t happen.

BILD learned: The singer cancels all other live shows in June without substitution!

Enjoy their successful XXL tour: Jürgen Drews (left) and Florian SilbereisenPhoto: Vincenzo Mancuso

It already became known on Friday that Jürgen Drews canceled his June 12 show at the Guben Spring Festival. “Unfortunately, Jurgen Drews will not appear for health reasons,” City spokeswoman Laura Bohm told BILD.

Since this statement, there has been speculation about just how ill Jürgen Drews really is. Due to his neuropathic condition, the singer’s movements are restricted. The incurable neurological disease slows down and noticeably weakens his gait. But he completed the round with Florian Silberizen without fail.

▶ ︎ Now there Jürgen Drews Until the answer to how things are going with him. BILD Singer: “I really enjoyed my XXL tour with Florian Silbereisen. Unfortunately, during this time I had to realize that the side effects of aging catch up with me more quickly and that the gradual process of my neuropathy unfortunately cannot be completely stopped. I’m not as resilient as I used to be. And just like I used to, and I’m not very good on my feet anymore.”

For this reason, Drews said plainly, “But above all for my own health and safety, I had to make the decision with a heavy heart to cancel some upcoming appointments so that I could recharge my batteries. I’m sorry if I had to disappoint anyone. But for me too, these limits The materiality I had to experience is completely new and I have to learn to deal with it.”

Condolences to the fans: Jürgen Drews plans to return to the stage at Florian Silbereisen’s hit beach party on ARD on July 9.