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Prince William used to flirt with Britney Spears

Prince William used to flirt with Britney Spears

Prince William used to love Britney Spears. Now an expert explains why it didn’t work out between the two after all.

The basics in brief

  • Prince William flirts with pop star Britney Spears via email.
  • There should also be hot phone calls between the two of you.
  • However, there was no date.

Prince William, 39, has been happy with him since 2011 Kate Middleton (also 39) married – his youthlove, see the perfect mrs!

But as a teenager, William also had a bit of jagged edges. The Duke of Cambridge was a fan of pop princess Britney Spears (40). Before the relationship with Kate, the two were tied from afar.

Royal author Christopher Andersen has revealed this now in an interview with Us Weekly. According to him, the two sent emails back and forth.

Prince William spoke with Britney Spears on the phone

Andersen reveals, “There were definitely phone calls. But I can’t remember that they actually met during that time.”

Britney herself can confirm the royal courtship with Prince William. In an interview with ITV she said, “We exchanged emails for a while and he has to visit me somewhere. But that didn’t work out.”

The “poisonous” translator shouldn’t really be sad about it. After several turbulent relationships, nakedQueen Meanwhile with Sam Asghari (27) on the ninth cloud he has been engaged.

Will Prince William and Britney Spears make a beautiful couple?

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