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Part of Trio Eugster – Swiss folk musician Vic Eugster passes away News

  • The Swiss folkloric musician, Vic Auguster, died on Saturday morning, at the age of 82. His brother Alex confirmed this to SRF.
  • Vic, Alex and Guido Eugster celebrated together with great success as Trio Eugster in the 70’s.

Surveyor, singer, music producer and restaurateur. Professionally, Vic Eugster was certainly the most versatile of the Eugster brothers. In an interview with “Neue Luzerner Zeitung”, he justified his professional resume by saying that otherwise he would have been bored.

Vic Eugster can look back on many successes: During his active musical career with his brothers Alex and Guido, Trio Eugster made their way into the hearts of the Swiss public from 1956 to 1981 with their catchy melodies and cheeky everyday stories. Thanks to Vic Eugster and his brothers, many fans still sing along to “O Läck du mir,” “En Kaffi mit Schnaps,” or “Now mues dr Buch wäg.” Two million records were also sold confirming their success in terms of numbers.

Vic Eugster – The versatile artist

After their imaginary musical excursions and retirement party in 1981 in Dübendorf, Vic and his brothers never stopped making music. Vic also proved his versatility here and performed with Sepp Trütsch.

But Alex, Vic and Guido didn’t just entertain the Swiss public musically. From 1981 to 1984 they also hosted the legendary Swiss TV show “Iischtige Bitte” on Saturday evenings. The location for the studio show was a mock train station called “Nebenwil”, where audiences could applaud many first-rate performances by such stars as Harald Juhnke, Roy Black and Freddy Quinn.

Vic Auguster – faithful husband

There was only one thing the versatile Vic Eugster wouldn’t allow him to be drawn into infidelities. In a private setting, he’s been married to his wife, Tosca, since 1964. The two have a daughter together, Simone.