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That’s why King Charles is having Harry’s problem with his coronation

Oh, that would be very nice. No hassles and no stress on coronation day. But this is exactly what awaits King Charles III.


The basics in brief

  • Charles will be declared king on May 6, 2023.
  • It is likely that his son, Harry, will also be there.
  • An ancient tradition that makes its absence almost impossible.

On May 6th, 2023, it’s time! Then Charles III. (74) officially Crowned King of England.

What a wonderful thing actually he isHe should have been there months ago to Falling internal problem. Because nothing else Prince Harry (38) and his wife Meghan Markle (41) text on Stress.

who are they NetflixThanks for the documentary “Harry and Meghan”. And to top it all off, Harry’s “Spear” book will be published in a few days.

The eternal criticism of the English royal family should have been bitter for King Charles for a long time. And even on the most important day of his life, the coronation, there would be no rest.

Because the twenty heirs to the throne will certainly be invited to the coronation of Charles. Prince Harry She currently ranks fifth in the list of heirs to the throne and will definitely be there on May 6th.

Although there is no official invitation to Prince Harry And the Meghan Markle Should he give it, King Charles would have a hard time avoiding it. In order to uninvite Harry, the 74-year-old would have to break a long tradition.

King Charles III gets angry while signing a document. – Twitter/CBSNews

Perhaps the future king of England will also be “lucky”. Harry and Meghan can decline the coronation invitation themselves. According to The Times, both should expect an apology for the wrongful behavior of minors during their active period.

Would you like Prince Harry to attend Charles’ coronation?

If this does not happen, it is doubtful whether it is no longer active the Royal family In fact, he will attend the coronation next year…

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