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Meghan Markle had a surrogate mother to Archie - a sister named

Meghan Markle had a surrogate mother to Archie – a sister named

Meghan Markle is said to have only faked her pregnancy and not given birth to Archie herself – at least that’s what her half-sister Samantha believes.

The basics in brief

  • There is a rift between Megan and her half-sister Samantha.
  • The latter has now spread a strange rumor.
  • She claims: The Duchess was not pregnant at all!

again it has to with their relatives fuss about!

Samantha (57) tries her famous sister Meghan Markle (40) before Dish Rope tug game. And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve now also started a crazy rumor.

your order? wife Prince Harry (37) she must Pregnancy Just pretend. “There are several photos where her stomach was big in the morning and flat at the end of the day.” This is how Samantha stirs things up Twitter.

So she is firmly convinced that little Archie was born by a surrogate.

Do you get along well with your siblings?

But that’s not all: she even suggests Archie isn’t. Harry’s biological son maybe. Because there’s no “DNA evidence” for that, Samantha reasoned.

Is there any truth to these confused rumours? Mostly not. Because Meghan Markle left Pregnancy Often looks with a baby bump. It’s also no secret that sisters don’t get along well with each other.

By the way: I TwitterSamantha’s account has been suspended after strange claims.

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