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High distinction - the award of the Swiss cabaret "Cornichon" goes to Mike Muller-Kultur

High distinction – the award of the Swiss cabaret “Cornichon” goes to Mike Muller-Kultur


please smile! Oltner Cabaret Days honors the comedian for his satirical solo plays.

Oltner Cabaret-Days has awarded comedian and actor Mike Mueller this year’s Swiss Corniche Prize. The prize is awarded in the amount of 10,000 Swiss francs.

In his solo plays, Mueller tackles various topics in a satirical manner and combines “cabaret and theater in a unique way,” according to a statement released Wednesday.

“Awards are always an affirmation of the work you do,” said Mike Mueller. His definition of success has always been that you can keep working.

“sensitive observer”

For Barbara B. Peter who specializes in cabaret SRF, Mike Muller deserves the award: “He is a talented, fast-paced artist who has mastered a myriad of dialects and social dialects. As a keen and sensitive observer, he has succeeded in creating characters that range from the down-to-earth to the finely etched intellectual.

As part of the Awards Ceremony on May 11, 2022, Müller will present his current show “Inheritance – Heinzer vs. Heinzer and Heinzer” at the Olten City Theatre.

colorful program

Oltner Cabaret’s 35 days begin May 11th. In exactly eleven nights, more than 50 artists will appear at about 32 events under the theme “Young Nightclub Art”.

Since the 20th festival, Days of Olten Cabaret has been awarded the Corniche Honorary Award every five years, a fine cabaret award. After Emil, Ursus & Nadeschkin, and Ohne Rolf, this year’s Cabaret Days honored Blues Max known as Werner Widmer “a musician who, with his melancholy songs and vocals, described the direction of his cabaret music.”