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King Charles breaks tradition: Kings come to coronations

The 74-year-old is breaking with an age-old tradition, as reported by the Daily Mail. For centuries it was the norm that there were no other kings or queens at the coronation of a British monarch. Reason: The sacred ceremony was to be “an intimate exchange between the king and his people in the presence of God.”

King Charles III is said to have wanted to modernize the coronation ceremony and therefore decided to break with this tradition. It is said that the British monarch plans to invite royalty and rulers from all over the world.

An anonymous source explained that the protocol was being reviewed in the name of diplomacy. Another source told the newspaper: “The list of those invited to the coronation is more like a list for a royal wedding than the coronation 70 years ago.”

It’s said that “save the date” messages will go to Norse royal families this week, including the King of Jordan. Official invitations will follow in April.

In 1953, 8,000 guests were invited to the coronation of Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth (1926-2022), who died in September. There will only be 2,000 people on her successor’s guest list.